The outbreak and the sudden widespread of the Covid-19 infection have put the world in the feeling of doom and gloom. The fast outgrowth of the virus, enforced restrictions, and the inevitable isolation instigated stress, panic, and anxiety in the global community.

With this uncertainty, people’s attention navigated towards having good health and a well-established lifestyle. Yoga, an age-old practice has extensive benefits for the body muscle, and internal organs. Being a natural healing process, yoga secured the backend of scientific researches, studies, and experts validation as it stimulates good health and mental sanity. This made yoga gain the global spotlight and has become the preferred way to attain holistic well-being.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the added attention to have a good immune system in the body has increased tremendously. Many researches and clinical trials have substantiated that Yoga can augment respiratory system health and supplements the immunity of the population. Physical exercises and the breathing techniques involved in Yoga helps to regain strength and balance the body’s ecosystem.

Certain asanas like Pranayama enhance the functionality of the respiratory system including the regulation of cardiovascular health and blood pressure. And Trikonasana, another asana that proved to improve the body’s blood circulation.

As the primary target of this Covid-19 virus is the lungs, many health experts and Yoga practitioners across the globe acknowledge the potential benefits of yoga in strengthening the breathing system. Regular habituation of breathing exercises, aerobic activities along with some physical stretching keep the body in optimum working condition.

The dawn of the pandemic not only stirred the physical health of the global community but also led to unavoidable mental stress in many people. The substantial increase in the mutation of the virus and the overwhelm of adapting to the new normal challenged the mental and emotional stability of the people.

Scientifically, human physical and mental health are complementary to each other. As Yoga being the aligned connecting medium of mind, body, and soul, it helps to lift the spirit of the individual. The constant vulnerability of fear and anxiety made people resurface the calm and relaxing aftereffect of Yoga.

Several Yoga practitioners and trainers recommend incorporating ‘mindful meditation’ in the daily routine. This ensures to relieve the mental aggravation and stress. The simple and practical method of meditating daily is an effective way to relaxe both mind and body. Not just that, the regulated breathing exercise enhances the clear thinking ability and conscious decision making capability. The psychological benefits of Yoga also endors the adequate and quality sleep which in turn contributes to mindful living. Yoga and meditation have proved to bring integrated physical and mental well-being that significantly helped people to cope up in the pandemic.

Yoga practition and adaption has definitely saw a spike after the onset of pandemic. The abundant advantages of Yoga is relevant to modern day and age where we have obliged to fast-paced living and lifestyle. The streamlined saying ‘be at home, be with Yoga’ made people pull out the Yoga mat and encouraged them to redefine their health customs.

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