Best Dentists in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Dentist in San Francisco

Here’s a comprehensive listing of dentists in San Francisco area. The complete list of dentists available near you at lets you discover dental clinic options in the fastest way possible. Whether you are looking for the best dentist in San Francisco for adults or someone who specialises in kids, this is the listing to scan through. The list at shares information on who are the doctors, their specialization, their working hours, how far the clinics are from where you reside, and all other queries you have in mind regarding the service. You can find both, the patient-centric dentistry clinics and ones that use the state-of-the-art technology. The dentists listed are professional and maintain the highest standards. These dentists can help you with preventive care and personalized treatment.

Best Dentist Near Me

Availability and proximity are of prime concern if you get into an accident or have a very bad toothache. You need immediate help and the listing at can show which ones are open and capable of providing emergency treatments. You can narrow down your search looking for dentist near me or best dentist near me and it will show ones in your vicinity.  
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Teeth Whitening Facilities in San Francisco

Preventive care and cosmetic dental procedures have become extremely sought after. Preventive care includes regular visits over a stipulated period, which you can schedule at your convenience. A session will allow a dental hygienist to examine your teeth and ensure they are clean and disease free. They usually also perform procedures like plaque removal, teeth scaling, and teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is now becoming advanced and some of the dentists also allow you to choose the shade that you want to get.

Root Canal Treatment in San Francisco

When you are looking for a treatment to an existing problem which is leading to tooth decay and pain, you will be referred to get a root canal treatment done. For the dental clinics who perform root canal treatments, lists several options to get you the right dentist. Nearly all dentists are equipped to perform this procedure and some of them offer excellent pain management solutions. These dentists have the expertise to match the color of your natural teeth. Often a root canal treatment will need you to go for a dental crown. Dental crowns and bridges also protect the teeth and give back the natural shape and bite. also lists facilities that are senior citizen friendly, especially those who are looking for dentures - be it partial or a complete set.

Cosmetic Solution Specialization

At, there are several dental clinics who specialize in cosmetic solutions. They work to get you that smile you always wanted. Smile makeovers usually include teeth cleaning, whitening and some offer dental veneer solution. A dental veneer is a great option for those who have heavily stained teeth. They are quick and non-invasive procedures that can transform your look. More advanced problems can be treated by dental implants, dental alignments and in some extreme cases involving a reconstruction.

Dental Reconstruction in San Francisco and Other Services

Reconstruction is an intensive process and needs specialists. Choose the best of the best and look at how satisfied their customers are. The client testimonials are going to speak for themselves and will help you choose. Some clinics provide care to non-insured patients too. At, find the information on clinics who accept non-insured patients, provide multiple payment options, discounts on upfront payments and even discounts for senior citizens. You can choose which option works for you and can discuss the same in detail with them. Whether you are looking for a General Dentist, Endodontist, Orthodontist, Pedodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Oral Pathologist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist or an Oral Pathologist, your search ends here.